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A jasper stone ring is highly beneficial for a Leo woman and can be taken as a good charm.

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The other lucky stones for Leo woman would be yellow sapphire, amber, golden quartz, heliodor, flints and zircon. One of the lucky stones for Leo man would be Sardonyx.


It will help them to achieve and attain more of success and ambition in life. The other good stones would be alexandrite that will help them to be more self-confident by bringing the positive qualities at the forefront. If you are looking to buy the most authentic, genuine, affordable and reliable gemstones, then you must consider buying them from Shubh gems.

We are an esteemed and leading gemstone retailer and are the preferred choice of all our clientele for our authenticity and price offered. No Comments. Close this module. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. John Smith johnsmith example. From time to time, they are inclined to quick flashes of temper, but they are never resentful and they can often win their enemies into apparent friendliness. These vigorous personalities can be make money with ease, but they are not really prone to saving them. Instead, they might spend their money on extravagance and luxurious life.

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Leo individuals come to the fore in any social occasion and are great storytellers, which can make them objects of envy among their less-favored peers. In love and intimate relationships , due to their idealistic views and emotional nature, they have high standard of excellence. That attitude can lead to endowing the object of their love and affection with fictitious, imaginary attributes. However, because of their great tolerance and sympathy for the feelings of others, and due to their self-control, they can adapt themselves to any conditions and circumstances.

If not conscious enough, or under the influence of the negative aspects of the planets, Leo personalities can become unintelligent braggers and reckless investors.

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They will make risky decisions and engage in careless speculations, which may ultimately lead to them losing heavily. On the negative side , Leo personality can be vain, arrogant, autocratic and cruel. The lion of Nemea can be seen as a representation of the ego of Leo and their negative side.

The untamed and raw energy of the lion represent the passions that can fuel the ambitions of this sign if conquered and properly directed. By metaphorically fighting with the lion, Leo can find out how to master the ego and control the impulses of their lower nature.


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Brilliant and versatile as they are, they can be very successful in avoiding the consequences of their imprudence. Some of the best actors, writers, artists, inventors, jewelers and above all leaders, commanders and officers are born in the Zodiac sign of Leo. When it comes to partnerships and marriage, the most harmonious relationships is achieved with people born during the period of Libra, Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius. Find out more about the spiritual and mystical properties of Leo here.

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There are poems which match each month of the Gregorian calendar with a birthstone. These are traditional stones of English-speaking societies. In , in an effort to standardize birthstones, the American National Association of Jewelers now called Jewelers of America met in Kansas and officially adopted a list. Eastern cultures recognize a similar range of gemstones associated with birth, though rather than associating a gem with a birth month, gemstones are associated with celestial bodies, and astrology is employed to determine the gemstones most closely associated with and beneficial to a particular individual.

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For example, in Hinduism there are nine gemstones associated with the Navagraha celestial forces including the planets, the sun, and the moon , known in Sanskrit as Navaratna nine gems. At birth, an astrological chart is calculated, and certain stones are recommended to be worn on the body to ward off potential problems based on the place of these forces in the sky at the exact place and time of birth.

While the term "birthday stone" is sometimes used as a synonym for birthstone, each day of the week is also assigned a unique gemstone and these assignments are distinct from the monthly assignments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about gemstones associated with a person's birth date.

For the magic stone which is supposed to make birth easier, see Aetites. Gemstones representing a person's birth month.

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