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Do you really need a new vehicle with all the bells-and-whistles that's value will depreciate the second you drive it out of the parking lot? Even on a smaller scale, you could end up wondering where all of your money is going when the little temptations you succumb to start to stack up in time. The holiday season may leave you feeling broke and slightly depressed. Your motivation to start off on the right foot is present in January, where you can find yourself more interested in adding to your savings account.

October This month new business friendships are forming. You are incredibly charming and finding yourself the center of attention. Your laid-back demeanor wins over people who would normally be jealous of your radiance. You are adding some positive energy to the workplace! Key Date: Around October 7th, you can help to stop some chaos at work. When misunderstandings come up, you are quick to get to the bottom of it. Your observational skills are quite high, and will come in handy when other people make errors.

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November Your luck in general is quite high this month. With keen instincts, you may be able to get a lucky break or two when it comes to work and finances.

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It is a good time to ponder over any important decisions that you may have been procrastinating on making. Key Date: November 10th is your lucky day this month. If you are going to make any risky moves, this is your day to dream big. Not all Libras will succeed at everything they do, but your odds are at least much higher than usual! December You may be feeling introspective and reflective when it comes to your love life. Are you surrounded by the people who you want to spend the end of the year holidays with?

You may be focused heavily on past regrets. Before you get too depressed, plan some social time with people you care the most about. Good friends and family will cheer you up in no time flat. Key Date: Making big plans for December 31st with your loved ones is recommended. You need a positive night with people who give you an energy boost! January Your finances may be bringing you some stress and anxiety this month. The good news is that you are ready to come up with some plans and resolutions to fix the source of the problem.

Get ready to initiate a new financial path that will profit and reward you exponentially. Key Date: Money-related stress is really dragging you down starting as early as January 1st! Don't give up and shut down. Use this funk you are stuck in to motivate you to get on the best track possible in life. February Attached Libras and single Libras are in for a month of romance. Attached Libras will be spending some quality time with their partner that leads to some big conversations about where the future will take you both.

Single Libras are having greater fortune in seeking out attractive dates who are worth their time. Key Date: The month of love will reach a peak for you around February 26th where your energy is most magnetic for a special date. Aside from Valentine's Day, this is also a great opportunity for those looking for a night out with their special someone. March You may be in an energy slump as you get into March. Whether it is stress at home or work, something or someone is getting on your nerves.

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If possible, plan a temporary escape from the source of your troubles - even if it is just for a day or two. You need a metaphorical reset button! Key Date: Timing around the week of March 2nd is most advantageous if you are in need of a vacation. Be sure to take off as much time as practically allowed to reap the most benefits.

April Starting a new project, hobby, or course is recommended this month.

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Your energy and attitude is a lot more healthier than last month. You may also find that you have extra time to get things done somehow. The red planet can rev up your revenue goals. On November 22, the Sun slips into Sagittarius and your domestic sector, a great time to tend to your home office or even explore a money-making venture with a relative. The November 26 Sagittarius new moon could bring a real estate opportunity, such as a property sale or a money-making venture through Airbnb-ing or hosting a trunk show at your home.

Key Dates: November 8: Sun-Neptune trine This heart-expanding alignment could put you in highly generous spirits, so reach into your wallet—or give someone the gift of time and support. Bring on the good karma! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 25 It-Coats of Winter. Getty Images.

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