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Capricorn Rising

You end the year on a high note when Jupiter enters your sign on Dec 3. You can celebrate its generosity with the last juicy aspect of the year with a ripe Jupiter sextile Uranus. This utopian aspect should inspire you to feel sacred in special buildings and architecture. The aspect is also extremely inventive too and its blossoming action could have you start a course in the realms of astrology or metaphysics. While Saturn is in your own sign you will be doing some intense self re-structuring. Your Capricorn Horoscope continues in eBook.

I am also January Past 9 years for me has been hell. Its Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus was in Aries, last years series of eclipses and many other disruptive forces, causing us to be jolted from one challenging scenario to another.

Dark Side of You -- Capricorn

Take what you can from each and process the energies and try to let go. Do the Pluto and be reborn.

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Hard yes it is, but keep moving forward and transform to a higher vibration. Capricorn Dec Hope change is coming soon …! Wondering about what life changing events are in the future. Capricorn january 4th.

Well its been rough i finally left my abusive husband of 13 years and the girls and i are camoing out at my parents house, but I am ready for a new start. Capricorn Jan.

Your Capricorn Monthly Horoscope - Capricorn Astrology Monthly Overview

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Today's Top Stories. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology. Peep Your Horoscope for This Week. They are very capable of withdrawing and restricting themselves. When a Capricorn loves though, they are capable of being in a committed long term relationship.

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However their other dark side is that they are perfectionists who constantly seek better. A fellow earth sign would view realism as a good quality.

If I Only Had a Heart

A fire sign would view realism as a depressive pessimistic quality which holds you back from trying things as you have already placed a barrier on it. Capricorn has no issues with this as they live life with logic and can separate their emotions from a situation if need be. This can have some people feeling used and cheated by Capricorn as Capricorn hold back their feelings a lot and may not necessarily make things clear on what it is.

Capricorn are jealous partners with the tendency of being manipulative, possessive and controlling. The longer the relationship gets the more they try fix up and make it as stable as possible. With friends Capricorns are very loyal and helpful friends. Their dark side is they can put their friends on a higher pedalstall than most people in their lives including even their partner.

Love is omnipresent…

Always spending time with them especially the men and it can get annoying trying to fight for the attention of their partners. How the dark sides are taken defo differ from element to element. I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London.

Capricorn Depression

I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them. I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. Long story short, it ended.

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But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Still learning and still growing. I hope you enjoy. Thank you. View more posts.