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  7. Daily Love Horoscopes iTayloriCreate. You might be offered an opportunity to improve your circumstances in February. Whatever steps you take to upgrade your lifestyle will have long-lasting benefits. You might meet up with someone with a chip perched on his or her shoulder that gets in the way of trust. Look for new apps to handle financial obligations. There may be an opportunity to make beneficial changes in your business plan.

    Your original methods can turn a regular deal into a win-win situation for everyone. A partner could adopt a casual or overly optimistic attitude toward money-making activities that you can rein in. You are never too old to wish upon a shooting star or to sit and listen to the birds sing their songs. After all of this, you're wondering if it was worth it. The energy that you've spent trying to make a dent in this situation has backfired to the point where you need to stop and check in with yourself.

    The need to maneuver around people and their issues has kept you from seeing that you're better off doing your own thing. On another level, this is freaking you out. The idea that you won't be able to make it without someone or something is huge. If it keeps you awake at night, try to remember what brought you here and be open to the thought that it's time for a change.

    Don't be too sure about how things will wind up.

    Horoscopes (Aug. 14-20)

    You've done everything that you can, and you've put your faith into what counts. Guided by what feels right to you, instead of getting caught up in the form that things are supposed to take, you're using a new approach to your life, to your work, and to your relationships. If there's uncertainty, you're learning to trust the fact that it's there to open the way to possibilities that you would never be able to see if you were sure about everything.

    Open your life up and trust yourself enough to continue to be guided from within. You wish you could figure out what's expected of you. In a situation that hasn't made sense for a long time, you've gone over the top trying to deal with things that keep turning you inside out. If you thought you could handle it, you've come far enough to prove that to yourself. The question is: "Is it worth it? Between now and then, do what you can to check your facts and decide not just who you are in this situation, but how far you can go with it.

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